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  Statement of the Establishment of a New Chaldean Organization              April 29, 2002         

To: Our Chaldean People 

In an effort to streamline all the activities of the different Chaldean groups around the world, several Chaldean groups and activists have been discussing, over the past several months, ways of improving the coordination between themselves so as to present a more coordinated picture about the Chaldeans to the world. The result of those consultations and discussions has culminated in the establishment of a worldwide organization, the Chaldean National Congress (CNC). To be known in Chaldean language as: “Metwa Omthanaya d’Kaldaye” and in Arabic as “alMajlis alQowmi alKaldani”. 

Mission and Fundamental Principles 

1-       The Chaldean nation is a live continuation for the people and civilization of Mesopotamia in its different names and historical periods from Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syriac.  All national names which our people were known by.

2-       The historical homeland for our nation is the land of Mesopotamia with its civilizational extension, the land west of the Euphrates till the Mediterranean Sea.

3-       The Chaldean people have the right to live peacefully in their historical homeland with their national, cultural, and humanitarian rights fully protected and in equal partnership with all the people of the area.

4-       Our people presence in Diaspora is a temporary one, a result of unnatural conditions that were forced on our homeland. Hence, our people have the right to preserve their national identity and their rights to return home whenever the political conditions deem necessary.

5-       The language of the Chaldean people is Chaldean (neo-Aramaic) in its two dialects, the eastern and western.

6-       The Chaldean National Congress believes that democracy is the highest model to build civilized societies since it establishes justice, freedom, and promotes humanitarian principles. 

Working Agenda of Chaldean National Congress: 

1-        The Chaldean National Congress will work towards building a stronger coordination and a more focused agenda for the different Chaldean organizations and activists in the homeland and in Diaspora.

2-        The Chaldean National Congress will strive to rebuild national pride in our people. Along that line, the Arabisation process that was imposed on our Chaldean people will be addressed and corrective measures taken to reverse that process.

3-        The Chaldean National Congress will work to lay the proper approaches to defend, preserve and to publicize our people rights, culture, and plight throughout the world with special emphasis on Iraq and countries of displacement.

4-        The CNC will work towards solving the problems (social, civil, and legal) of our Chaldean people in their new homelands in Diaspora. Committees will be established to serve our people in refugee and resettlement, citizenship, and familiarity with the new culture of the host country.

5-        The CNC will work on educating the non-Chaldean ethnic groups in the homeland on issues concerning Chaldeans and ally itself with progressive groups to limit the impact of racist elements and their harm against our people.

6-        The CNC will work on introducing the Chaldeans, their history, heritage, and contributions to world civilization to the public and governments in the host countries in the Diaspora.

7-        The CNC will work closely with existing national organizations in our different communities to devise a strategy that will unify and promote our national cause internally as well as with outside groups.

8-        The CNC will support and encourage all media channels (radio, TV, magazines.. etc) to use our

Chaldean language as its means of communications with our people. To build pride in the usage of our holy language, Aramaic, the spoken language of our Lord Jesus Christ.

9-        The Chaldean National Congress will encourage research and publish material that addresses the history of our Chaldean nation with emphasis on the period since the fall of the last native Mesopotamian regime, that of the Chaldeans till today. In that process, encourage the research and study of the rich history of our Church of the East (in its two halves, the Chaldean and Assyrian churches).

10-     The CNC will support and encourage our national arts, music, and literature: to explore and reinvigorate our national cultural treasure and to be presented to our people in a modern theme that emphasizes that great culture of Mesopotamia.

11-     The CNC will encourage the pursuit of higher education, athletic achievement, and other personal advancement in the community, especially among the youth.

12-     The CNC will work diligently to revive our national holidays and celebrate our national history. Hence, it will work to encourage our Chaldean people to celebrate April 1st as our national Mesopotamian New Year. It will also encourage and build the mechanisms for a yearly national convention in the US.

13-     The CNC will publish a monthly periodical dedicated to the continuous education of our Chaldean people about the rich history of our ancient nation as well as the current issues facing them.

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