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Chaldean Church bell made out of an Iraqi army bomb shell

Press Releases:

Bell of a Ruined Chaldean Church made
out of the Iraqi Army shell that fell on it
during the criminal Anfal Campaign 1988

26 February, 2005   Chaldean National Congress On Chaldeans and Iraqi elections                        الكلدان والأنتخابات العراقية - المجلس لقومي الكلداني

19 February, 2005   Chaldean National Congress Calls For Its First National Conference         

16 January, 2005     Chaldean National Congress Withdraws from Alrafedain National Election Slate    المجلس القومي الكلداني يعلن انسحابه من قائمة الرافدين الوطنية
24 January, 2004     US Senator Writes to Ambassador Bremer on Freedom of Religion and Iraqi Chaldeans' Rights
3 December, 2003   Mar Emmanuel Delly Elected as the New Chaldean Patriarch
8 November, 2003   Chaldean National Congress Meets with American Policy Makers
26 October, 2003    Joint Press Release of Chaldean Organizations on so called "Iraqi Christians" Meeting
25 October, 2003   Chaldean National Congress Announces Establishment of its Second Branch in Iraq
22 October, 2003   Call to Convene a Chaldean National Conference Next February 2004
20 October, 2003   Press Release of United Chaldean Democratic Party
12 October, 2003   Interview with Mr. Ghassan Shathaya: General Secretary of Chaldean National Congress
7 October, 2003     Another Deplorable Attack Against Chaldean Christians in Iraq
15 September, 2003  Declaration of Chaldean Patriarchy on the Role of Chaldeans in the New Iraq
29 August, 2003    Chaldean National Congress Condemns the killing of Ayat Allah alHakim
14 July, 2003        Chaldean Groups Protest Lack of Chaldean Representation in Iraqi Ruling Council
9 July, 2003          Chaldean National Congress Demands Inclusion of Chaldeans in Iraq’s Leadership Council
7 July, 2003          Chaldean Patriarch Raphael BeDaweed Dies After Long Struggle With Illness
6 July, 2003          Chaldean National Congress Names Leadership of its Baghdad - Iraq Branch
17 June, 2003       Chaldean National Congress Call Upon AssyroChaldean Groups to Join United Front
15 May, 2003       Chaldean Delegation Meet with American Officials
10 May, 2003       Bishops Present a Compelling Vision for Chaldeans in New Iraq
4 March, 2003      Chaldean National Congress: Salah alDeen Meeting of IO Not Up To Expectations
26 February, 2003 Chaldean National Congress: Iraqi Opposition should Secure Chaldean Rights and Representation
26 January, 2003  Assyrian groups: Will fight the rising Chaldean nationalist movement
3 January, 2003   Chaldean Federation of America sends letters to President Bush and Secretary Powel
7 Sept., 2002        Bishop Hanna Qallo Dies in a Car Accident
25 August, 2002  Biography of the latest Iraqi Christian martyr; Sister Cecilia Hanna 1931-2002
18 August, 2002  A Criminal and Murderous Act against Chaldean Nun in Iraq
26 July, 2002       Iraqi Government: Studying Critical Report by Chaldean News Agency
25 July, 2002       Establishment of a Second Chaldean Diocese in the United States
21 May, 2002      Announcement of New Chaldean Bishop for United States
16 April, 2002      Dutch Government: Aggressive and inhumane treatment of Chaldean Refugees
26 March, 2002   Fr. Philip Helayee: The Passing Away of a Great Chaldean Church Musician
13 March, 2002   Chaldean Americans: $1.5 Million Fund to Support Chaldean Church in Iraq
10 March, 2002   On Statement of "Iraqi Interests Section" on CNA Press Release                           ملاحظات على بيان "شعبة مصالح جمهورية العراق" حول القرارات المعادية لمسيحيي وكلدان العراق

28 Feb, 2002        Iraqi Government: Racist and Repressive Decrees against Christians and Chaldeans              الحكومة العراقية: قرارات عنصرية وتعسفية ضد مسيحيي وكلدان العراق     

20 Jan, 2002        Iraq: Saddam's words are equivalent to Jesus Christ's
13 Dec, 2001       Open Letter to the Bishops of the Chaldean Church of the East
1 Dec, 2001         Mexican Authorities: preliminary approval to release Chaldean refugees from jails
15 Nov, 2001       Announcement of the establishment of "Chaldean News Agency"

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