Announcement of the establishment of
“Chaldean News Agency”

15 November 2001 - The Chaldean people, the descendants of all the native people of Mesopotamia, whether Chaldeans/Babylonians, Assyrians, Arameans, Akkadians, Sumerians ..etc. are a living 7000 years old nation that has contributed tremendously to the civilization of Mankind. The homeland of this ancient Christian nation that speaks Aramaic (the language spoken by Christ) is spread between Arab and non-Arab countries. Chaldeans could be found in Arab countries like Iraq (where they make up the third largest ethnic group after the Arabs and Kurds), Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, as well as in non-Arab countries like Turkey, Iran, Georgia, and Armenia. Today, large concentrations of the Chaldeans could be found in many countries, notably the United States of America, Australia, Canada, and many other European countries.

Hence, in order to present the correct picture about our Chaldean people to the world, and in order to bring our people closer to each other wherever their fortunes may have taken them, the Chaldean News Agency is born to fulfill an important and long ignored field. That is: a worldwide and representative media organ that is capable of crossing the national borders of the countries that our Chaldean people are spread among. A committed mouthpiece for our Chaldean nation that will report the news and activities of our Chaldean people in the homeland and the countries of Diaspora.

The Chaldean News Agency will strife to bring to our Chaldean culture an independent, reliable, accurate, and comprehensive information that our Chaldean people require to be free and well informed citizens.

The Chaldean News Agency will also work to bring all the news of any activity that could impact the well-being and welfare of our Chaldean people, regardless of the ethnic or national originator of that news item. All in the hope that our people are aware of their surroundings so they could impact them positively to further their goal of living in peace and harmony with their neighbors and for the benefit of all.

We're looking forward to service our Chaldean people as well as to seek their support in making this important national media resource a successful experience that could further the interests and well-being of our Chaldean nation.

Mr. Ghassan Hanna Shathaya
The Editorial Board
Chaldean News Agency (CNA)
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