Chaldean National Congress Names Leadership of its

Baghdad - Iraq Branch


July 6, 2003  Baghdad - Iraq  In a follow up to its earlier press release announcing the opening of the offices of its branch in Baghdad - Iraq, a Chaldean National Congress source released the names of the leading committee of that branch.

Opened in mid June 2003, the Baghdad branch quickly grew into a major center with the largest membership so far. The opening of the Baghdad branch signifies a major development not only in the operations of the Chaldean National Congress into becoming a major player inside Iraq, but more significantly, it's the first time for any Chaldean political movement to have a public office in the Iraqi capital.

Having been subjected to continuous repression under the successive Iraqi regimes due to their unique ethnicity and Christian religion, Iraqi Chaldeans tended to shy away from establishing their own nationalist political groups and instead preferred working within other Iraqi groups. With the removal of the regime of Saddam Hussein by the US led coalition, a new chapter in the history of Iraqis, including Chaldeans, has been opened where by tens of new political groups were established. A sign of democracy in the making.

With the new developments inside Iraq, it's hoped that Chaldean political groups are invited, as are other Iraqi groups, by the United States civil administration inside Iraq to join and participate in the political process undergoing over there. It's also hoped that the new Leadership Council being created by Civil Governor Mr. Paul Bremer will include a representative Chaldean figure in it.

Below are the names of the members of the "Leading Committee" of the Chaldean National Congress, Baghdad - Iraq branch:

    Name                                          Position                            Educational Background                 Current Job          

1. Mr. Fouad Bodagh                President                               Diploma in General Trading           Business owner

2. Dr. Issam Batto                    Secretary  & Spokesman     Ph.D. in Philosophy                         University Professor   

3. Mr. Salam AlQas Nona        Legal Adviser                      B.S. in Law                                      Attorney (Lawyer)

4. Mr. Naseer Younis              Finance Officer                      Diploma in General Trading           Business owner

5. Mr. Zuhair Nagara                Member                                B.S. in Engineering                          Engineer

6. Mr. Salah Arabo                    Member                                B.S. in Engineering                         Engineer

7. Mr. Victor Hannani                Member                                B.S. in Biology                                Scientist

8. Adnan Oraha                        Member                                    B.S. in Music                                Singer/ Business owner


According to Chaldean National Congress source, the members of Baghdad branch could be contacted by visiting its offices  located at Area 52 of Baghdad.

 Chaldean News Agency