Chaldean National Congress Meets with

American Policy Makers


November 8, 2003 Washington, DC As part of its continuous efforts to present the concerns of Iraqi Chaldeans and Christians as well as ways and means of securing their participation and involvement in the political process underway in Iraq, Mr. Joseph Kassab, Chaldean National Congress Central Committee member met with US Congressional as well as Administration officials on Tuesday October 28, 2003. The following is a list of the US officials Mr. Kassab met, with a brief summary of the agenda of those meetings:

1. Deputy to National Security Advisor: Mr. Steve Hadley. Place: White House

2. Director of  the Office of Strategic Planning and Southwest Asian Affairs: Ambassador Larry Rosin and the Director for Iraq: Suzanne McCormick. Place : White House

3. United States Congressman Frank R. Wolf, Chairman Commerce, Justice, State and Judiciary Subcommittee. Place: House of Representatives

4. United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. All Commissioners. Place: Commission Headquarters in D.C.

5. United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Senator Lugar Professional Staff. Place: US Senate Building

Issues Discussed:

a) Iraqi Christians and how the New Constitution of Iraq should address their concerns and protects their rights.

b) Iraqi Chaldeans complaints about the process in which Ambassador Paul Bremer appointed members of the Iraqi  Governing Council and his refusal to appoint a Chaldean in it; Chaldeans being the absolute majority of Iraqi Christians and by some accounts its third largest ethnic group. Also, discussed  is the involvement of Chaldeans in the politics of New Iraq.

c) Ways and means of assisting Iraqis and encouraging a better understanding between them and the Coalition Provisional Authority, CPA, in Iraq.


 Chaldean News Agency