Chaldean Americans: $1.5 Million Fund to Support Chaldean Church in Iraq

Detroit – March 13, 2002  In a meeting attended by over 650 people to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the inauguration of Bishop Ibrahim Ibrahim as the first United States bishop for the Chaldean Church of the East, an announcement was made for the establishment of the “Chaldean Seminary Endowment Fund”. The pledge to raise $1.5 million over three-year period was made by several Chaldeans attending that meeting which was held at Southfield Manor on March 7, 2002.

The fund will be managed by investing the money raised for it in an escrow account, and the interest earned on that money allocated to all Chaldean students attending seminary schools in Iraq or other places.

This fund was intended to send a clear message that the Chaldean Diaspora will work very hard to preserve and support their 2000 years old Christian church in their motherland, Beth Nahreen – Iraq,  where it’s currently being subjected to repressive measures by the Iraqi authorities.

The commemoration meeting that included a banquet in honor of Bishop Ibrahim was also celebrated by publishing a 40-page book containing a detailed profile of Bishop Ibrahim life, and his continuous struggle to benefit his Chaldean American community, and for the attainment of the goals set by his Chaldean church.  The book also presented a brief description of the difficulties and challenges that the Chaldean church had to face for the period of 1800’s till today.

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