Chaldean National Congress Demands Inclusion of Chaldeans in

Iraq’s Leadership Council


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July 9, 2003 Baghdad – Iraq  Following the news that Ambassador Paul Bremer, will announce in the coming two weeks, a “Leadership Council” to act as an executive body running governmental duties in Iraq, the General Secretary of the Chaldean National Congress, Mr. Ghassan Hanna, demanded the inclusion of Chaldean representatives in that council.

Chaldeans are considered the third largest ethnic group in Iraq and make up more than 80% of its Christian population, and to exclude them from membership of that council contravenes the public pledges made by President George Bush and Primer Tony Blair to work towards the creation of a representative Iraqi government whereby all of Iraq’s ethnic groups will “enjoy freedom, prosperity, and equality in a united country”.

The exclusion of Chaldeans is also considered a serious breach of all public and private commitments made by US officials to Chaldean representatives, let alone is in direct opposition to US commitment under United Nations Resolution 1483 which clearly defines its role as encouraging efforts “ form a representative (Iraqi) government”.

The exclusion of Chaldeans in the executive body, the “Iraqi Leadership Council”, renders that council as “unrepresentative”.

Mr. Hanna also stated that Chaldeans reject categorically any claims by any group to represent them. “Chaldeans must be represented by Chaldeans and no one else”.

The Chaldean National Congress also called upon the Chaldeans worldwide, and especially, those in Iraq to make their voices heard and demand the inclusion of Chaldean representatives in that council, on equal terms with representatives of Iraq’s other ethnic groups.


 Chaldean News Agency