Iraqi Government: Studying Critical Report by Chaldean News Agency

Baghdad – Iraq , 26 July, 2002  Responding to the report published by the Chaldean News Agency (CNA) on 28 February, 2002 and entitled “Iraqi Government: Racist and Repressive Decrees Against Christians and Chaldeans”, the Iraqi government set up a high profile committee to study the issues raised by that report. The committee that's chaired by a member of the Presidential Office, also included the Minister of Religious Endowment as well as other high ranking members from the Military Intelligence, Internal Intelligence, Ministry of Education and two bishops from the Chaldean Church of the East.

The role of the committee will be an advisory one and will only concentrate on the religious aspects of the complaints raised by the CNA report. Issues of ethnic or political nature were not considered.. So far, the committee has held three meetings in an attempt to generate a list of recommendations that will be submitted for approval to the Revolutionary Command Council, the highest executive body in the Iraqi government. 

It's hoped that the recommendations issued by that presidential committee and their subsequent approval will rectify some of the complaints raised by the Chaldean News Agency regarding series of decrees that impacted negatively the Christian population of Iraq.


 Chaldean News Agency