A Criminal and Murderous Act against Chaldean Nun in Iraq

18 August, 2002 - Baghdad, Iraq      In a criminal and thuggish act by Muslim terrorists, a 70-years old Chaldean Christian nun was murdered on August 15, 2002 in Baghdad, Iraq in an act that could only be described as intended to terrorize Iraqi Christians.

The Chaldean nun, Cecilia, was knifed down savagely and her head was then severed from the rest of her body by a group of thugs while she was staying in the Chaldean monastery located in Palestine Street in Baghdad.

The Chaldean Patriarch, Mar Rophael BeDaweed I, sent a letter to Iraqi officials condemning strongly this criminal act and demanding maximum punishment to be awarded upon those murderers. The following is the full text of Mar BeDaweed letter:

I condemn strongly this criminal and inhumane act on one of our Chaldean nuns in Baghdad, and demand from the officials to work seriously in tracking down and punishing those criminal thugs to prevent such appalling acts, and I also demand that maximum punishment be applied so as to spread peace and tranquility in the heart of our citizens.

Mar Raphael BeDaweed I
Patriarch of Babylon on the Chaldeans

The Chaldean News Agency would like to call upon our Chaldean people around the world to send letters of protest to Iraqi embassies and officials and to request the governments of their respective countries of Diaspora to intervene and pressure the Iraqi officials to find those thugs responsible for such heinous act and to bring them out to justice.

Chaldean News Agency

 Chaldean News Agency