Bishop Hanna Qallo Dies in a Car Accident

7 September, 2002 Baghdad-Iraq   In an unfortunate car accident, the previous Chaldean Bishop of Zakho and Amadeya, Bishop Hanna Qallo died last night, Friday September 6, 2002 on the road from Baghdad to Duhok after attending the Christian Education conference in Baghdad, Iraq.

Along with Bishop Qallo, a Chaldean nun, Marena, from the Chaldean Daughters of Mary, also died with him. There are news of a third casualty.

Bishop Qallo retired last year after serving as a bishop for the Chaldean community of Zakho and Amadeya in northern Iraq for close to 30 years. He died at the age of 76 years.

May God bless the soul of Bishop Qallo and Sister Marena. Their premature departure is a lose for all of our Chaldean people.


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