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  Chaldean/Syriac/Assyrian SITES AND ORGANIZATIONS
Chaldean Federation of America Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle
Chaldean Voice (Weekly Radio Program) Chaldean Youth Foundation
Karamles Homepage Ankawa Homepage
Beth Suryoyo Othuroyo Hujada Magazine
Assyrian Links and Resources  History of Syro-Malabar of India
Assyrian Cultural Center - Nohadra The Chaldean Church
Mangish Assyrian Democratic Organization (Mtakasta)
Assyrian Foundation of America Assyrian Democratic Movement (ZOWAA)
Nahira's Assyrian Music exness Chaldean American Students Association
Syriac Universal Alliance Assyrian/Syriac Songs
Assyrian Patriotic Party Bethnahrin Freedom Party- GHB
Alap Tawa; A website in Syriac/Chaldean language exness thailand Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies
Assyrians 4 Christ Mesopotamian Names to choose for your new born child
Orientale Lumen: Chaldean Eastern Church Gateways to Babylon exness th
  El Qosh

Chaldean, Syriac, and Assyrian RELIGIOUS SITES
The Chaldean Diocese of the USA The Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch
Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East Archdiocese of Istanbul: Syriac Orthodox Church
Unofficial Website of the Nestorian Church

Associated Press: Latest On Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority
Iraq4u Iraq.Net Information Network
Iraqi Oasis Azzaman Newspaper
Worker Communist Party of Iraq The Iraq Foundation
Iraqi Communist Party Iraqi Forum for Democracy
Iraqi Art Al-Majresha Newspaper
Mandeism (Sabbian) of Iraq CIA Fact Book On Iraq
Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations (From Iraq)
Country Study: Iraq Al-Muntada Magazine
Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iraq Iraqi National Congress
Kurdish Human Rights Watch Iraqi Jews
Antiquities of the Jews Home Page of the Jesuit Baghdad College
US State Department: Iraq Homepage Iraqi Jews From Baghdad
alHikma University Iraqi Research
Nahrain Encyclopedia Iraq 4 All
Iraqi Music Kitabat Website
Al Ahali Newspaper Iraqi Parliament
Sot AlIraq AlForatein
Iraq4Ever Iraqi Pages

 Links to Christians of the Middle East
A Bequest Unearthed Phoenicia Eastern Churches Links and Resources (CIN)
Links and Resources to Christians of the Middle East Al-Bushra

Middle Eastern and World Websites
Al Bawaba Middle East News
Middle East Business Information Alternative View on Islam

Websites of Interest to Chaldeans/Assyrians/Syriacs
United States Immigration and Naturalization Service Garmo & Garmo Immigration Office
Akkadian (Assyrian-Babylonian) Language Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids
Mesopotamia for Students

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