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In the spirit of the unity steps taking place between the two halves of the Church of the East, namely, the Chaldean Church and its sister the Assyrian Church, the representatives of the Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syriac communities that make up our nation have agreed on moving together towards the US Census for the year 2000 under one category. This indivisible one category, one code, and one total is a reflection of the belief that our nation is one body regardless of the different names that its members refer to themselves with. Also, the representatives have agreed to strongly encourage our people to register their ethnicity in Census 2000 as Assyrian or Chaldean or Syriac, the different names our nation is known by. However, they have instructed the US Census Bureau that no statistics shall be published in which numbers are shown as to how many have registered with their preferred name. This historic decision will be followed by steps to educate the different communities of our nation with the needs and historical peculiarities of each other, all in the hope that we can go back again to the US Census Bureau and submit one national name for Census 2010.



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