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Media workshop: "The News Embargo on Iraq"

The World Association for Christian Communication invites you to attend a two-day workshop on

The News Embargo on Iraq
April 5 and 6, 2001
New York City

Keynote Speakers
Denis J. Halliday and Hans von Sponeck

Both men recently resigned their positions as United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq to protest what the sanctions are doing to the people of Iraq

Jutta Burghardt, Kathy Kelly, Mike Nahhal, and First hand reports from humanitarian workers who have been in Iraq,
including Mennonite Central Committee and Fellowship of Reconciliation And other distinguished guests.

Why has the world stood by unmoved by the humanitarian tragedy unfolding in Iraq as over a half a million children
have died because of a decaden of sanctions?

Why has the Western press been so reluctant to discuss this issue, creating, in effect, a kind of second embargo, a "news embargo" on the people of Iraq?

And what can be done by secular and religious journalists to break that embargo?

Please join us for:
The News Embargo on Iraq
A Workshop for Religious and Secular Journalists
Co-sponsored by the North American Regional Association of the
World Association for Christian Communication
April 5 and 6, 2001
The Interchurch Center
475 Riverside Drive (at 120th St.)
New York City

Cost per day including lunch: $25
Advance registration by check would be appreciated but is not necessary toattend.

Make checks payable to WACC and mail to:
The News Embargo on Iraq
310 Riverside Drive, #511
New York, NY 10025

For more information:; E-mail:
or call 212/865-6115 (in Europe + 44 207 582 9139)

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