Three Million School Books From Saddam To Kurds A Favour Or A Poison Cake
By Dr Rebwar Fatah
Posted Saturday July 14, 2001 - 11:14:44 AM EDT

London - The Iraqi education ministry has confirmed that Saddam has donated 3 million school textbooks to the South Kurdistan de facto state schools. This may sound like a generous offer from Iraq, but it is a poison cake that given to future leaders of Kurdistan.

This free offer has an expensive tag attached to it. Every book has a picture of Saddam on page one and they are produced to prepare children for the type of society that Saddam wishes to build and has build.

It is with a great regret that the Kurdish administration, in the de facto state, cannot produce school textbooks that promote democracy and human rights.

School textbooks should prepare Kurdistan for a leading democratic model in the Middle East, preparing a society that has respect for human rights and nature. Kurdistan's school children do not need to be brought up with Saddam's model of a society.

The Kurdish leadership in the South must re-consider this decision very carefully.

Also the UN and US - Britain should assist Kurds in re-writing the school textbooks, not only for today"s Kurdistan, but also for the tomorrow's democratic Iraq.