Russia Could Help to Stop Arabisation of Iraqi Kurdistan

By R. M. Ahmad
Posted Sunday July 15, 2001 - 01:39:38 PM EDT

Sulymaniya, Kurdistan - The representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG- Suleymania), Shorish Khalid Lemiany, visited Russian Parliament, Doma, on 13th July 2001 and received by Russian Parliamentarian Sirgi Mitrokhoff. They discussed Russian and Kurdish relationships. KRG representative presented a brief programme of works of KRG to build a civil society to become a model for future Iraq. He also informed his host that Russia could persuade Iraqi government to stop Arabisation of Kurdish areas under its control.

On the other hand, the Association Against Ethnic Cleansing in Kirkuk has announced its foundation and declared that the ethnic cleansing policy of Iraqi government in Kirkuk and other Kurdish area under its control aims to eradicate Kurdish identity of these areas and this policy represents a threat and danger to Iraqi Unity. In the announcement the Association declared that the reason for its foundation is because of the continuous policy of ethnic cleansing of Iraqi government against people of Kirkuk.

This policy makes us, people of Kirkuk, no longer to keep quiet regarding this wrong policy, which leads to nothing except discrimination and dismantlement of the unity of Iraqi people.

The announcement stressed that the Association would offer the whole picture of the situation to International Organisation through all channels of media to pressure Iraqi government to stop the policy of ethnic cleansing in Kirkuk. The Association also called on the Kurdish people and the world to work together against this ethnic cleansing policy to protect Kurdish identity of Kirkuk.

The Association also warned Iraqi Government that its policy of Arabisation and forced deportation from Kirkuk, not only affects Kirkuk as a Kurdistan city, it represents a threat to Iraqi Unity.

Sources: Kurdistani Niwe, PUK Sulemani-based Kurdish-daily, No 2505, 15 July 200 and Anba' Kurdistan, PUK Sulemani-based Arabic-bulletin, 15th July 2001