Chaldeans On Line
Iraqi Government Considers Teaching Syriac.. A Criminal Act !!

Azzman Arabic Newspaper: Amman- Nov. 22, 1999
The Iraqi government warned the Kurdish students from joining Turkish,
Syriac, and Yazedi schools in northern Iraq considering those schools as
a danger to the national unity of Iraq and its sovereignty.
The Iraqi Ministry of Education also threatened all educational and
learning institutions as well as the students and their parents in Kurdistan
not to attend those schools, which were created by Iraqi minorities, alas
they might face unspecified punishment. It also warned them "not to fall
for the acts of the evil ones and their long term goals". The Ministry also stated
in its letter to the people of Iraqi Kurdistan, which's not under the control of the
central government, that the reason behind the establishment of those schools
is "to spoil the identity of the Kurdish people and exploit and ruin its
ethics and national moral values".
It also emphasized that joining such "phony" schools or training classes by
anti-Iraq groups (without naming them) is considered "a great act of treason against
Iraq and an outright violation of its sovereignty and national unity".

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